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The currentseams.com headquarters is humming today. Here’s what’s going on.

To start, I’ve made a few small changes to the site’s format. I’ve added a “Book a guided trip/contact me” link along the masthead. You’ll find my email and my phone number within. These are the best ways to start a conversation with me. Please don’t try to book a trip or request an order of flies in the comments section of a random thread. I really appreciate your cooperation on this. I’ve also added a link to the Compleat Angler to the right sidebar. Scott and his team have always been good to me, and I’ll bet they’ll be good to you, too.

Speaking of guided trips, my spring calendar is beginning to fill up. Weekends generally aren’t good for me in the spring; so if you want to get out with me, try to have a few weekday options in mind. Half-days are four hours, and a good way to spend some quality time on the water.

The word machine continues to roll. Look for articles in American Angler, Field & Stream, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide,the  J. Stockard blog, and more in the near future.

A new currentseams Facebook page is coming. My original page was intended solely as a fishing-related endeavor. However, family and friends have glommed onto it, so I need to create a fishing business only page. If you’re a current fishing friend on Facebook, be on the lookout for the new page (I’ll announce it here) as the old one will no longer have any angling content.

Dagnabbit, I owe you all some videos, both tying and Q&A. I beg your patience. All good things to those…etc.

‘Tis the season for winding down on presentations. That can only mean good fishing weather approacheth! I’m looking forward to the Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg’s annual banquet on April 8th.

Finally, we’re getting close to the magic number of 400 official currentseams.com followers. As usual, we’ll be doing a fly goodie bag giveaway. Thank you again for your readership and support.

As they say on M*A*S*H, “That is all.”

I’ve been on a saltwater tying kick. It’s been a long time since I tackled some bigger flawings, so tying those Rock Islands (foreground) felt like reuniting with an old flame. Here’s to a  stronger herring run this year!





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