The Big Gig: Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg Annual Banquet, April 8

I have the honor of being the featured speaker at the Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg Annual banquet on April 8, 2016. At first I thought there must be some mistake; this, after all, is the organization that has had such luminaries as Edward Hewitt, Lee Wulff, and Ernie Schwiebert speak at their event. It’s also regarded as the second oldest fly fishing club in the United States, having been founded by Charlie Fox and Vince Marinaro (you might have heard of them, too.)

But no. They want me. So, I am both humbled and excited, as this will be the largest crowd I’ve ever presented to. The subject will be “The Little Things.”

I got the gig in part due to the substantial following currentseams has, and the many positive comments you’ve left. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: thank you for your readership and your support.

The Little Things, Friday, April 8, at the Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg Annual Banquet.


Reminder:  Tying demo at the Compleat Angler in Darien, CT, Saturday, February 27 from 10am-2pm: Bucktails, Soft Hackles and Flatwings for Striped Bass.

7 comments on “The Big Gig: Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg Annual Banquet, April 8

  1. Dan Price says:

    Congratulations. Give ’em hell Harry(uh Steve).

  2. Congratulations on a singular honor!

  3. Alton Blodgett says:

    Hey! Congratulations! (Don’t let it go to your head…there’ll be no living with you after this gig. LOL!)

  4. Ray Hamilton says:

    Congratulations Steve on being selected to speak at the Harrisburg Annual Meeting April 8.

  5. E. Hayden says:

    Congratulations, Steve. And don’t be surprised they wanted you: your approach to fly fishing is refreshing and hearkens back to those older luminaries.

  6. […] ‘Tis the season for winding down on presentations. That can only mean good fishing weather approacheth! I’m looking forward to the Fly Fishers’ Club of Harrisburg’s annual banquet on April 8th. […]

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