Happy Thanksgiving from Currentseams

Among the many blessings in my life is the opportunity to have an audience for my writing. So, thanks to all of you who subscribe to currentseams. Thanks to those of you who simply pop in now and then. I am truly grateful for your readership.

Thanks also for bearing with me during what has been a slow November post-wise. It’s been one of those busy-with-life months. After a very slow fall, my freelance writing business has ramped up again. Great for the ledger, not so much for fishing. On top of that, we’re in the middle of a big home improvement project where yours truly is the painting contractor. I did make two steelhead trips this November that I have yet to write about; those will be coming (hopefully) soon.

I’m looking forward to a winter filled with fly tying and fishing stories, so stay tuned.

Salmon River Steelhead November 2013

Just got back from four days on the Salmon River in New York, and I’m here to tell you, friends, that the fishing was off the charts. After a painfully slow 2012-13 season, the steelhead gods saw fit to shine their benevolent light upon me. (The entire group — there were four of us — got into an embarrassment of steelhead riches.) Still basking in the glory of over 50 steelhead hooked, and nearly half of them landed. Here’s a short film that my friend and co-conspirator Todd Kuhrt put together. Eventually I’ll write up a proper story, but until then, enjoy this little gem.

Baby, I’m howling’ for you indeed.

What am I gonna do with all those corks?

1) Drink wine

2) Save the cork

3) Tie flies for the next steelhead trip

4) Stick flies in cork as they roll off the production line

5) Catch steelhead

All kinds of eggs, egg masses, stoneflies, soft-hackles, leeches and a few odds and ends that defy description. Dinner, anyone?


God, I hope #5 happens.

Steve Culton