Beware of the Casting Police

The Casting Police are as vigilant as ever. You’ll find them in breachway parking lots, along beaches, and especially internet forums.

They flash their badges at the first suggestion that you cast differently from the rest of the pack.

It does not matter if you like to cast that way.

It does not matter if you catch hundreds of stripers a year.

What matters is that there is The Way. The way of the double haul. Practice it not, and you shall be — if you’ll pardon the expression — cast out. Banished forever from their imaginary kingdom.

Fortunately, the Casting Police have no real power over you, me, or anyone. You may cast and fish as you like. There are many, many ways, and you are free to explore the wonders of all of them as you see fit.

Ray Bergman wrote, “You may gather from this that I am not particularly interested in perfect form casting, and that is very true…it is best to concentrate on the other points rather than on form, and the casting will usually take care of itself.”

I think I’ll use that Get Out Of Jail Free Card now.

He even looks like a heathen! Fortunately, all casters are equal in the eyes of striped bass.



12 comments on “Beware of the Casting Police

  1. David Bennett says:

    i don’t fish for stripers, but who cares. Funny commentary. Keep it up.

  2. Will says:

    Ditto David on the who cares and commentary (I do fish linesides a little :))

    It is funny how in a huff folks get. Ill admit to breaking out a haul or two at times. Ill admit it could be better. But I have a dang blast enjoying the time I manage on the water, and if my haul could be a bit better… well, I guess when I retire Ill play with it more 🙂

  3. Jon murphy says:

    Nice and enjoyable as always!
    Boy thats one big strippin basket ya got there :/)

    I started using one in the cold water.. Seems to keep my hands dryer and albeit, warmer….

    • Steve Culton says:

      It’s a home brew contraption, made from a Rubbermaid container, some big zip ties, and an old wading belt.

      Joe Brooks called his a “shooting basket,” and I like that designation. It implies that I’m using the basket primarily to aid in shooting line (I am) and not merely as a receptacle for stripped line (which also happens, but not all the time).

  4. Mike Grisky says:

    Nicely put, I cast like a flailing maniac most of the time sometimes ten feet into my backing with the wind at my back. But my largest striper to this day ate a beat up half and half presented by a lousy rule cast not 10 feet from where I stood.

  5. Mike Grisky says:

    That’s role cast.

  6. Annie Calamari says:

    Like the most difficult rose to grow, a caster only needs the proper environment to blossom .

  7. Brian Dudek says:

    “forget about style worry about results” Bobby Orr

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