Another fun Saturday at the Compleat Angler

Many thanks to the Compleat Angler in Darien, CT, for once again being such gracious hosts. A comfortable, well-lit setup, and Scott and crew know how to keep a tyer happy (turkey, provolone, lettuce and a little bit of mayo on a hard roll). If you’ve never been to the shop, it is very well-stocked, from rods and reels and lines, to books and tying supplies. Highly recommended.

It goes without saying (but we’ll do it anyway): thanks also to everyone who took the time to come watch and ask questions. You made my day an enjoyable one.

Implements of destruction and the resulting construction. Clockwise from bottom left: Orange Ruthless, Soft-hackled grass shrimp, Ray’s Fly, September Night, Herr Blue, Big Eelie.


3 comments on “Another fun Saturday at the Compleat Angler

  1. Henry Hollis says:

    I asked for some corks about 6 months ago and have not received any email about them!!

    • Steve Culton says:

      Anyone can order flies from me, Hank. You can start the ball rolling by emailing me at swculton at yahoo dot com.

      Please understand that I don’t have your email address. You now have mine. 🙂

  2. asazel says:

    Great looking fly fishing flies!

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