Happy Mother’s Day and Farmington River Report 5/12/23

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

To the river: On Friday I guided Lance and Alex from 11am-3pm. The goal was to get some more experience on the river, learn some new spots, reading the water, and work on presentation and casting and hook sets. Drop-shot nymphing under an indicator was the method. River conditions were just about perfect: 380cfs in the PTMA, running cool and clear. I would have liked to have seen a little more bigger bug activity, but midges were out in force, along with a few casual caddis and a smattering (micro-smattering?) of various mayflies. We hit three marks in the PTMA. We had one touch in the first, blanked in the second, and the third was the charm with both Lance and Alex connecting multiple times. I was lucky to have two students that were both eager to learn and unafraid to make mistakes. I could see them both improving as the lesson progressed. Great job, guys, during a slow bite, and you connected more than any other anglers we saw all day.

We turned over a few rocks and found cased caddis and crawler nymphs, but when I crane fly flew into my face, I put a size 12 Gummy Crane as Lance’s point fly. The trout said, “yes.”
Alex peering into the net to check out his prize. He connected on both the Frenchie variant on point, and in this case, an experimental caddis glass bead soft hackle dropper. Great job, guys. Persistence pays off!

4 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day and Farmington River Report 5/12/23

  1. Steve says:

    Gummy Crane Fly? Like a Vladi Worm?
    Congrats on the success. Looking forward to better caddis hatching and subsequent better swinging success, although the Hendricksons were fun while they lasted!

    • Steve Culton says:

      It is similar to a Vladi but it has a shellback, ribbing, and an underbody. Look it up, there are tying vids. I feel very fortunate to have had to great days of Hendrickson action before the rains came…

  2. Steve Culton says:

    My South Platte River guide buddies swear by it especially during high, off-color flows.

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