Random mini reports: Striper struggles and trout are about

On Sunday night I fished with surfcaster extraordinaire Toby Lapinski. We were after stripers that were after herring. I had a bump after a few casts. After a few more, I had a take with some head shaking and thrashing, and after a few seconds I had…nothing. No big deal as the fish didn’t have any size. I’d like to tell you that the night ended happily ever after, but that was it for me save a snagged herring. Toby got into a window of opportunity and connected with a few bass, landing one that was sub-slot, and one that was well over slot. Nice! I’d decided to fish elsewhere, so I missed it. Why should my spring striper luck change now? To add to my woes I stayed out way too late. Glory days are coming. But when? Yes. I know. After.

I’m guiding tomorrow, so today I bounced around the Farmington River looking for fish. I was on the water from noon to about 4pm. I hit five marks in the PTMA down to Unionville-ish and hooked up in three of them. However, it was a fish here, a fish there, and long stretches of nothing. It was hours before I saw a bug, and the bite was correspondingly slow. The cold air and rain showers and gusty wind didn’t help. I didn’t see another angler hook up all day. I saw a handful of small caddis, a few size 14 BWOs, and a couple stray Hendricksons. No risers.

Thanks to the currentseams readers who said hello today! This is good time to remind everyone to please come say hello. You’re not bothering me, and it’s good feeling to put faces and voices and smiles to names.

Today’s method was drop-shot nymphing under an indicator. I fished a BH Squirrel and Ginger size 14 on point with a size 18 Starling and Herl dropper. Every fish came on the BHS&G until the sun came out…and then it was every fish on the S&H. Droppers are a wonderful way to give the trout a choice.

4 comments on “Random mini reports: Striper struggles and trout are about

  1. rich rubin says:

    Word from contacts inWesterly things still quiet. Water temp out front 47. Things will happen very soon.

    Good health is true wealth

  2. Greg Tarris says:

    Thanks for the latest report on the Farmington. Given it takes me 2 1/4 hrs to travel there it is nice to know what is happening before I go!

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