Thanks to another good Zoom crowd. Next week: potpourri?

A hale and hearty thank you to everyone who attended last night’s Zoom on matching the hatch with wet flies. Next week I’m thinking about doing a little fly fishing randomness…a little bit of this…a little bit of that. Most of all, since Zoom held us to 40 minutes sharp, I want to do less talking and do more live Q&A about anything fly fishing. So get those questions ready! You’ve got a week…

No meat shortage here. Like kielbasa, perhaps next week’s Zoom will have a little bit of everything.


5 comments on “Thanks to another good Zoom crowd. Next week: potpourri?

  1. Frank Zima says:

    Steve, there’s a state ordinance that states: “Any photographs of kielbasa must also include photographs of beer as well.”

    Be well…
    Practice safe fly fishing…
    Practice safe beer and kielbasa consumption…


  2. edward hovsepian says:

    Steve, please add me to your email list. I missed last nights meeting. Thanks again

    Edward Hovsepian

    E H Construction Co. Inc


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