Small Stream Report: Social distancing at its finest

I’m busy. Like, in the weeds busy. Writing, garden/yard projects, filling fly orders, content for this site, planning Zoom events…the list goes on. But every once in a while, you have to say screw responsibility. Yesterday was that day. So I loaded up the Jeep and drove many, many miles, far, far away, and enjoyed a thin blue line all by myself. Water was clear, cold, and high. Fished a dry/dropper to start, and it was all dropper. Once the sun came out and warmed things up, I had a few swipes at the dry. Micro streamers produced in the deeper plunges, as did heavily weighted wets. Non-biting midges were out in force. A couple of cigars took care of them. Pricked dozens, landed a bunch, drove home tired and happy.

(With apologies to Julie Andrews): Fiberglass blanks that flex down right to the grip. Silica powder that floats flies like a ship. Honduran puros gauged 52 ring. These are a few of my favorite things.


11 comments on “Small Stream Report: Social distancing at its finest

  1. Alton says:

    Good for you! I did the same thing two days ago. Only my second outing of the year after spending most of the good weather so far on outdoor projects and finishing up my logging for the year. I caught three stocker Rainbows and six native Brookies, the largest one that broke my 35 year personal best Connecticut record by a full inch. A solid 14-incher. A couple of Gran Habano corojos took care of the bugs. Life is good.

  2. Rich says:

    I fished one of my streams in Amherst with mini black leach and a grith nat dropper got fish on both. Thanks for dropper advice

  3. Steve says:

    Social distancing wasn’t in vogue on the Farmington Today. Good grief what a crowd!

  4. Steve Culton says:

    I’ll bet. I can’t tell you how much that factored into my decision to drive a long, long way…and to be totally alone.

  5. bill m. says:

    Just wondering… what do you do with your cigar when you hook up? Does Veedavoo or someone have a “cigar minder”. Given that it takes an hour to smoke your 52 ring, does one have to take up juggling or do you have another plan? add to that – you smoked 2 in 1 outing?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Try not to bite down too hard. There used to be a video of me fighting a huge steelhead, puffing away. I don’t know if it’s still out there. Small streams afford an angler with all sorts of rocks to use as put-down-places.

  6. Tuz says:

    Great post. Loved it!
    You are an inspiration.

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