A Winged Wet Fly Video Sampler

This selection of winged wets will be part of my “Wet Flies 101” presentation. It includes barred feather, quill, and jungle cock wings; English and American patterns; match-the-hatch and attractors like the Bergman-style flies from the color plates of Trout.


7 comments on “A Winged Wet Fly Video Sampler

  1. Frank Zima says:

    Beautiful ties again Steve!

  2. Pete Simoni says:

    Love those flies!! Now is the time to have your tying binges with the way the weather has been.

  3. Jon Atherton says:

    Delighted to see the Greenwell’s in there, and this looks perfectly tied. If I had to catch a trout for my supper, I’d fish that fly.

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