Greenwell’s Glory Winged Wet

An olde English pattern. If you peruse the ancient and modern literature, you can find any number of variants. I don’t fish quill winged flies much, but this is a spiffy little pattern — and it carries with it the cachet of tradition.

Greenwell’s Glory Winged Wet


Hook: Wet fly size 12-16 (this is a TMC 3769 size 12)
Body: Pearsall’s Gossamer Silk, primrose yellow, darkened with cobbler’s wax
Rib: Fine gold wire
Hackle: Furnace hen
Wing: Starling primary

7 comments on “Greenwell’s Glory Winged Wet

  1. Dick Sablitz says:

    This type of wet looks better on a Mustad
    3399A or 3906. The other brands are actually
    1X longer than the hooks that wet flies were originally tied on. Just an opinion…try some 3399A or 3906…. you might like them…
    Very nice tie….try some hackle fibers instead of quills….whole lotta different action in the water

    • Steve Culton says:

      Thanks, Dick. Yup, I have a dwindling stash of 3906s. Across the pond, they seem to like the Kamasan B170 or B175. As far as the wing goes, I was endeavoring to stick with the traditional material. There are all manner of soft-hackled versions of this fly that I would favor over this one for actual fishing. I like the wood duck fiber wings in winged wet flies like the Dark Hendrickson or Light Cahill. Stay tuned for that video sampler…

  2. Jay Esposito says:

    Very pretty, Steve. What insect is it imitating?

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