Fuzzy Nymphs

They’re not quite wet flies. They’re certainly not Euro nymphs. What they are is magnificently buggy and ugly and horrible and they catch fish. This wee trove of beasties will be appearing in “Wet Flies 101.”

Horrible little monsters: bottom left, Fox Squirrel; bottom middle, Hare’s Ear; bottom right, Ginger Caddis Larva.  


7 comments on “Fuzzy Nymphs

  1. Pete Simoni says:

    “Polly” Rosborough wrote Tying and fishing the fuzzy nymphs around 1978. BTW nice nymphs Steve!

  2. Greg Tarris says:

    For those of us who do not tie flies, would purchasing from a vendor a soft hackle equivalent of these, e.g. soft hackle hare’s ear be the closest equivalent?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Greg,

      I don’t think so. The thing with fuzzy nymphs is that they don’t have a hackle per se — they rely on their fuzziness to act as so many minute hackles or moving parts. A soft-hackled Hare’s Ears sounds more like a wingless wet or a spider than a fuzzy nymph. But that shouldn’t stop you from fishing with one.

      You could probably find any number of unweighted, buggy, messy horrible nymphs in the fly bins.

  3. ray hamilton says:

    Love the look of these nymphs. Looking forward to the new 101.

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