Long Island Flyrodders awarded the Legion of Cookout Merit

Many thanks to the members of the Long Island Flyrodders for their generous, welcoming spirit. What an impressive crowd — I believe it was nearly 60 — on a fine summer’s evening. The Long Island Flyrodders know that a fed presenter is a happy presenter, and I must say that my cheeseburger, dog, beans, and — bonus! — bag of Cheetos really hit the spot. (The beer was tasty, too.) Thanks again for hosting me, and I look forward to a return engagement.

These folks know how to hold a meeting. Good spread, good people, good energy — the bar has been set to a new height. 


6 comments on “Long Island Flyrodders awarded the Legion of Cookout Merit

  1. I Michael Postol says:


    We really enjoyed having you present to the Flyrodders last night. Thanks for making the long trip to Long Island. The accolades have been pouring in, saying what a great presentation you gave.
    We look forward to hearing “Little Things 2.0,” next year. Hope to see you on the river.

    Tight lines,


  2. Bill Smith says:

    Very interesting, informative presentation. Thanks Steve!

  3. Mike says:

    Bring it on, CVTU loves a good challenge!

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