“Mainly Misunderstood — Five Myths and Realities About Using Floating Lines For Striped Bass” in the current issue of American Angler

Why are floating lines so underused for striped bass fly fishing? Are intermediate lines  truly versatile? These questions and more are answered in “Mainly Misunderstood,” and you can read all about it in the current (May/June 2017) issue of American Angler. If you’re looking to open the door to a whole new world of presentation options, the floating line is the antidote to the mind-numbing metronome of cast-and-strip.

If you want to catch keeper bass like this with flatwings fished on a greased line swing, you’re gonna need a floating line.



I love fishing floating lines in surf around structure.


13 comments on ““Mainly Misunderstood — Five Myths and Realities About Using Floating Lines For Striped Bass” in the current issue of American Angler

  1. Paul chiappetta says:

    saw this article in American Angler . absolutely a must read. nice job steve!

  2. Ray Hamilton says:

    Great insight and coverage. Loved the last article on just this topic. Time for a striper.

  3. John Genovesi says:

    Hi Steve, Enjoyed your article on floating lines and particularly the pics of Abrams style flies. Any plans for a tying video or providing the recipe?


    John Genovesi

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks. The flatwing in the article is called the Rock Island and you can find the recipe by doing a search on this site. Ditto the soft-hackled flatwings in the other photo. No imminent plans for a tying video but your request is logged, noted, and it’s now in my future projects hopper. Happy tying!

  4. g t says:


    This may be off topic but my grandson who lives in Fairfield CT and is 9 years old is interested in fishing. Where would be a good place to have him catch some panfish or whatever? Figured I get him to use a spinning rod first and then move him to fly gear later.


    Greg Tarris

    • Steve Culton says:

      Greg, I’m not down from that way so I can’t make a recommendation. My best suggestion is to check out the DEEP fishing guide which should have a complete list of ponds and streams in that area. Good luck and have fun.

  5. Gin Clear says:

    Reblogged this on Gin Clear and commented:
    Tried and true techniques to add to the striper arsenal.

  6. Moncho says:

    I will look for the article to read it. Sure interesting. Greetings Steve

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