Fishin’, writin’, ‘n’ stuff

Busy is the word here at currentseams, although I have been able to get out a little bit. Due to my schedule it’s all been night action.

I fished the Farmington twice this week with mixed results. The first night was painfully slow; two or three bumps in two hours, all small fish. Last night was far more active with over a dozen bumps. One standard-issue brown to net, and one big mysterious hit that failed to hold. I did do something stupid last night: I walked down a side stem I hadn’t fished in two years to discover it was basically unfishable, then decided to walk back up a different stem that was fast, deep, and should have been the one I fished. What a workout! It wasn’t a total waste of time as I did find some very fishy hide holes that I will investigate on a future outing.

On the writing front, I just submitted a steelhead piece to Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, and I’m putting the finishing touches on a soft-hackled flies for stripers article for American Angler. There are a few other things in the pipeline at some other pubs; I’ll let you know if they are accepted.

Finally, currentseams has reached 300 followers. Hooray! That means a fly giveaway. Details on that coming soon.

As always, thank you for your loyal readership. Writers aren’t much without readers, so I truly appreciate it.

Come say hello to currentseams. I know it’s my site, but really, most of it doesn’t suck. While you’re here, sign up to follow. You’ll get fishing reports, how-to articles, essays, fly tying, photos, videos, random stuff like this, and the occasional chance to win some flies tied by yours truly. 


10 comments on “Fishin’, writin’, ‘n’ stuff

  1. Fred Lord says:

    Hi Steve
    I am always interested in your flies and on the river as well as wild flower pictures. May I ask what kind/brand camera you use {as I hope to buy a waterproof camera) for your on the river shots. I am leaving for British Colombia on Sept. 12 for steelhead and I would not want to miss an opportunity to capture some of what I see. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Fred,

      I used to use a Canon PowershotD30 until I lost it. (Dang!) It was an easy camera to use, good underwater, but I hated the video on it. Extreme close-ups were sometimes difficult.

      The new rig is an Olympus Tough TG4. I’m still learning its nuances (especially at night) but it has a lot more features and functions than the Powershot. I have not shot anything underwater with the TG4 yet. Also getting a lot of play this year is a GoPro Hero4 Black. But that is more of a specialty camera. I have it attached to my landing net.

      Maybe you could look those cameras up online and see if any of them strike your fancy. Hope that helps.


  2. Alton Blodgett says:

    At least you’re getting out there a couple times per week. Good for you. Over here in the east things are deadsville. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures and some rain!

  3. Ray Hamilton says:

    Just so i know when to start looking, will the two articles be in the next issues of the publications mentioned?

  4. Ted Rzepski says:

    Steve, I have a growing supply of wine corks. Do any fly recipes use them?
    Love your posts and observations.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Ted,

      Thanks for the kind words. I hope you’re having fun growing your cork stash. (I know I am with mine.) Try an internet search of “wine cork popper fly.” That should keep you busy for a while. 🙂


  5. Rick Perrault says:

    Steve Hi.
    I always look forward to your latest articles, essays, photos and instruction. Looking forward to some cooler temps, Just bought my 9 y.o. his first fly rig, looking forward to a weekend on the bigger streams in the western part of the state.

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