Showtime on Tyers’ Row

The CFFA Expo just might be the best little fly fishing show going. This is the second consecutive year I attended as a tier. Fellow tier Tommy Baranowski remarked that the crowd seemed steadier and more substantial this year. I’d be inclined to agree.

So, what goes on at these events when you’re part of the show?

Not much tying. At least not for me. I think I tied eight wet flies and one streamer in six hours. I’m a slow tier, but that’s pushing ridiculous. What was left wanting in productivity was made up for in talking, though. Most of it about fishing and tying. So much that my throat is a little sore right now. But, I don’t mind. These shows are a tremendous way to connect with friends, followers, and fellow aficionados (including those of single malts and cigars). Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi, ask questions, our watch a demo. It was a labor of love for me.

Thanks also to the vendor (who shall remain anonymous so as to make his altruism shine even brighter) who only charged me $20 for $22 of stuff, then threw in a bunch more stuff for free. Endless tight lines to you, sir.

Thanks to the Baranowski boys for being such swell neighbors, and thanks for the fly, Matt.

Thanks to Capt. Ray for the archival flatwing article.

Thanks to Dr. Kuhrt for lending his photography skills.

And thanks to the CFFA for letting me be a part of it all. I’ll tell you, this is one job that does not suck.

“But, you’ve really got to watch out for this guy here.” I’m not sure what I was saying, but I think I must have made my point. And nothing says outdoors and fishing like that groovy Fantasy Suite disco light veil.

CFFA 2015

Thanks to everyone at the CFFA Show

I was humbled by the number of people who stopped by my tying table today. Old friends, new introductions, online names to connect with faces, an excess of positive energy, talking fishing and tying, and some really good questions. I’ve been going to the CFFA Show for years; this was my first time as tyer/exhibitor. The CFFA was a terrific host. I value the little things in life, like finding out that they had a spiffy little box lunch set aside for me. Feed me, and I’m happy.

I did manage to sneak away and do a little shopping (thanks, Gary and Todd for watching my swag). Found some goodies like a bag o’ wood duck feathers, an el cheap jungle cock neck (the nails need some work, but a little wax and some flexible cement and they’ll be quite passable). My master score was two large white bucktails with scads of straight fibers over 5″ long. $5 each!

I just know there was a saddle suitable for flatwings hiding somewhere in that room. Perhaps next year.

Pardon my humble setup: some MDF screwed to 2x4s and my Universal No. 2 clamp vise that I bought from Clapp & Treat in 1976 for $13.95. Sadly, it’s on its last legs. There’s a new toy on the way, but nothing will ever replace my baby who has served me faithfully for so many years. “It’s not the arrow, it’s the indian.”