Getting started on that book project…

I get “When are you going to write a book?” all the time. Trust me, it’s something I’ve asked myself just about every week for the last however many years. It’s not a question to be taken lightly, given the commitment, time suck, and high standards I’d be setting for the finished product. But I’m pleased to say that I am officially getting started.

While I’m not ready to go into specifics, I can tell you that I have decided on a subject. It will be freshwater oriented, and it will be a fly pattern book. Right now I’m in the research and development phase. After that, an outline, a few sample chapters, and the details of publishing. I’m going to do my best to devote a substantial amount of my time for the rest of this month to the project, so that may mean only a couple posts per week on currentseams.

It’s all very exciting, and of course I’ll give you updates with milestones as they happen. Thank you everyone for your continued readership and support!

Here’s another clue for you all…the walrus was not the Pale Watery Wingless variant, AKA the Magic Fly. I apologize for all the mystery. Once I get a bit more organized, I’ll tell you more.

8 comments on “Getting started on that book project…

  1. Ron says:

    Go for it Steve. Looking forward to a good read.

  2. Brian Frederick Larson says:

    Hate to interrupt, but my searches have found nothing. Where does one get burnt orange dyed starling for Stewarts red spider?

  3. Bill Leino says:

    Steve, Mr. Bill here. I met you last autumn in Stony Creek at the Trolley Trail Iron Bridge. Sorry to have missed you at the shows this season; perhaps another time. As to a soft hackle fly (my go to favorites)book you might be the guy to fill in some missing pieces with your own take on patterns. I can’t recall in which of Syl Nemes’ books has another guy add his Eastern soft hackle patterns, but it’s not necessarily “complete”. Anyway, it would be nice to see more input from you in this regard, though I guess we can all have a go at it at our own vises. Either that or come up with an equivalency chart of British patterns that compare to our bugs. Just a thought, but don’t get carried away with it.


    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Bill. I’m not familiar with the Nemes book you’re referring to. Your desire for an equivalency chart is a common request, and one that is certainly worthy of someone’s (if not mine) effort. I can tell you that that’s not the focus of this book. But I very much appreciate your thoughts, and I am always very interested in hearing from readers what they’d like to see. So, thank you. 😊

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