Striper Mini-Report 6/9/22: Not so much

A quick in-and-out trip with #2 son Cam last night to a favorite grass shrimp mark. The water was loaded with bait doing the mating dance. Sadly, assembled diners were few and far between. Whether it was the waxing gibbous, the cold front, or just not our night, pops were at a premium. We managed one small bass and the tiniest shad I’ve ever landed. On the plus side, these father-son outings feel really good. And there’s something about standing in a marsh in early summer soaking in the midnight moonlight that restores one’s soul. We’ll get ’em next time.

Pondering…wondering…calculating…where did the bass go?

7 comments on “Striper Mini-Report 6/9/22: Not so much

  1. Rich Rubin says:

    Went to Cape last week and it was very poor shore fishing for me. Cold front and little bait seen in the south side where I was fishing.

  2. Paul Gross says:

    There were some good stripers in Quonnie earlier this week. Unfortunately had to come home to VT early after Covid exposure.

  3. Quality time spent with one’s kids , regardless of the age , is always a home run , from wee ones to grown ups. My girls & I have learned more about each other during trips like the one you wrote of than at designated sit downs , long drives have the same effect , opening up, letting down your guard , really listening . An epic bite would have been a distraction ….. well that might be taking it a bit far lol ! Thanks again Steve .

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