Last night, while you were sleeping…

…I was catching my first striped bass of 2022. The conditions weren’t great — rising barometer, gusty winds, cold, rain showers — brrrr! But you don’t know if you don’t go, and she was right where she was supposed to be. She hit the Rock Island flatwing like a ton of bricks and gave me a couple powerful, short runs. The presentation was a greased line swing, and the hit came about halfway through the delivery.

Not huge, but 10 pounds is 10 pounds. This is the first slot fish I’ve taken in a long time.

9 comments on “Last night, while you were sleeping…

  1. Robert Huddy says:

    Housatonic Fly Fishers reported the same pretty much in advertising their upcoming outing. Got me thinkin!

  2. michael silfen says:


    The Rock Island hybrid you describe has only bucktail or a mix of bucktail and flatwing>


    • Steve Culton says:

      I think you’re asking me a question, Michael. If so, it’s the latter, specifically a three-feather flawing with some extra bucktail on top. You can find all the pattern detail on this site. 🙂

  3. Ronald Ragaini says:

    Nice job Steve

  4. william giokas says:

    Do you think that fish was aholdover?

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