New date for “Summer on the Farmington” Film: Thursday, Feb 24

I’m hoping you’ll join me for the new world premier (ok, so no searchlights, tuxes, gowns, or red carpet, but still it’s technically accurate) of Director Matthew Vinick’s film, “Summer on the Farmington.” Same place (Brewery Legitimus in New Hartford), same time (7pm), new date (Thursday, February 24)! You can only get tickets in advance online through the FRAA. Hopefully this current spike will be over and we can look forward to enjoying a tasty craft brew.

5 comments on “New date for “Summer on the Farmington” Film: Thursday, Feb 24

  1. pkw1689 says:

    Hi Steve – Are their plans to sell a DVD or make streaming available at any point? Thank you,

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Peter, I asked Matthew your question and he says yes to both — however there are no immediate plans. Next will be another public showing, then perhaps a DVD. Of course I’ll keep you posted on this site with better information when I get it. Hope that helps!

  2. larry marino says:

    Hi Steve, the tickets for postponed date,will be honored on new date, is that correct? Thanks

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