Tying wets (what else!) on a wet Friday

Much to do today, and in between projects and responsibilities I’m trying to make a dent in my 800 Followers contest winner swag. Here’s a Hackled March Brown in progress.

As you can see, my tying bench trends toward messy. There’s something mad scientist/struggling artist that I like about materials and tools scattered everywhere…

3 comments on “Tying wets (what else!) on a wet Friday

  1. James Joseph Berry says:

    ok – learn something new every day, I have been tying my hackle in last- now I usually build a thorax with some other type or color material that leaves a shoulder (small) but I always tie in the feather last, is this the wrong way or it’s a situation of choice. You are the pro, tell me please,

    • Steve Culton says:

      JB’s in the house! By the book, you’re supposed to tie the hackle in first. If you watch my wet fly videos you’ll see what I mean. I think the Snipe and Purple video has the explanation of creating a “canyon” with thread, which the hackle butts up against, promoting that umbrella shape when you wind the hackle. Of course, you don’t have to tie the hackle in first and the trout will still eat your fly. But if you want to tie spiders the traditional way, hackle first it is! Hope that helps.

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