Striper Mini-Report 5/30/20: A 10,000:1 bait-to-bass ratio

I fished Salt Marsh B last night for a couple hours with #2 Son, Cam. The water was infested with silversides, crabs, and grass shrimp. Surely this bountiful buffet would summon legions of striped diners. But no. There were a few bass around — we even managed to catch some of them — but the audio feeding tells of a hundred popping mouths was strangely absent.  We fished a team of three shrimp flies, a Micro Gurgler on top, Caddis Shrimp middle dropper, and Black General Practitioner on point. All three flies found favor. Given this season and our general location, we’ll take it.

A fine silhouette to see, even in murky marsh water. 




8 comments on “Striper Mini-Report 5/30/20: A 10,000:1 bait-to-bass ratio

  1. rich rubin says:

    A non fly fishing friend has been fishing around westerly beaches and said it has been horrible the last 3 weeks.

    Good health is true wealth

    • Steve Culton says:

      My take is twofold: the striper stock is clearly down, hence there are less of them; and, they are concentrated in areas other than southern CT, like north shore LI and the Cape.

  2. mattea2005 says:

    When you say the point fly, are you talking about the last fly at the end of the leader? Joe verlicco.

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  3. RM Lytle says:

    When the bait is juvenile menhaden I call this the Triple P. (Predator to Peanut Proportion) It is never preferable to have the Triple P weighed too heavily on the 2nd P hahaha!

  4. David Deitz says:

    I wonder if stripers perceive the GP as a shrimp or as a crab. Grass shrimp are pretty transparent. Not that it matters, they love crabs too.

    • Steve Culton says:

      We’ll never know. What’s certain is that it looks like something that’s alive and good to eat. In this particular case, the crabs I saw were dramatically larger than a GP tied on a size 8 hook. And while you’re correct that grass shrimp are highly transparent, consider that we were fishing in water with a visibility that could be measured in inches. Plus: there may have been other bite triggers in play, such as waking motion. All points to ponder over a dram of single malt…

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