“Striper Moon — A Legacy” film in Providence August 20

“Striper Moon — A Legacy — J. Kenney Abrames” will premier 8:00pm August 20 at the Avon Cinema in Providence, RI. The film is the project of Lorri Shankar. Here’s a link to Ken’s Stripermoon Blog Facebook page. Hope to see you there!



9 comments on ““Striper Moon — A Legacy” film in Providence August 20

  1. Stream Urchin says:

    How can a guy in Cleveland get to see this.


    Sent from Bob’s IPhone


  2. dcdeitz@charter.net says:

    Damn! Can’t attend. Do you know if the film will be available for download? DD


  3. […] film about Ken Abrames, “Striper Moon: A Legacy” is now online. You can see the original film poster here. The link to the film, on Google Drive, is here. […]

  4. Joel Stewart says:

    I met Kenney in 2006 when I was stationed in Rhode Island. Hope I can find this film after the release. He is a wealth of information. My best striper was caught on a September Night. HIs ideas on impressionism are counter to the current culture of big fat flies with bulk to move water. So happy for him to be recognized.

  5. Steve Culton says:

    Great! Thank you for your service. 🙂

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