“Striper Moon: A Legacy” film is now online

Director Lorri Shankar’s film about Ken Abrames, “Striper Moon: A Legacy” is now online. You can see the original film poster here. The link to the film, on Google Drive, is here. Enjoy!

A still from the opening of the film Striper Moon A Legacy.

3 comments on ““Striper Moon: A Legacy” film is now online

  1. Richard DiNatale says:

    Thank you Steve for posting the film online. Just watched it. I appreciate the style of the film. It made me think of the trade i’ve learned from my father. Well done. RHD

    • Steve Culton says:

      You’re welcome, but to be clear I didn’t post it. I’m just sharing the link.I have no involvement with the film other than being a friend and fan of Ken.

  2. bdmaclach says:

    I just watched the film. Wonderful piece of work. It’s been over 20 years now since I met Ken during the year I spent in Newport at the Naval War College. He had a profound influence on how I think of fishing, fly tying and so much more.

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