Best of North Country Spiders: Waterhen Bloa

You’ll often find BWOs on the greyest of days, so ’tis fitting that this ancient-and-tradtional Olive pattern sports the same somber hues. It also makes a fine Early Grey Stone.

Waterhen Bloa



Hook: Dry or wet fly, 14-18
Silk: Yellow
Body: Silk dubbed with water rat (muskrat) or mole fur
Hackle: Waterhen under covert feather
Tying Notes: Waterhen is difficult to track down. Starling or blue-grey dun hen are suitable replacements. You should be able to see the thread clearly through the dubbing — I call it “dusting the thread.” This fellow is slightly on the heavy side of dubbing. Keep enough thread waxed (I used cobbler’s wax) to avoid having a bright yellow head. You can find a general North Country spider video tutorial here.

9 comments on “Best of North Country Spiders: Waterhen Bloa

  1. Brian & Larson says:

    Touch dubbing before there was touch dubbing.

  2. Steve says:

    Your head looks green not yellow. Is that the effect of cobbler’s wax?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Steve. See the “Tying Notes.” 🙂

      Also, different waxes and different color silks react…differently. I wasn’t thrilled by this one. If you didn’t use wax, you’d have a bright yellow head that (to me) looks out of place.

  3. Frank says:

    Steve, absolutely loving all the spiders…even though I’m an arachnaphobe! They’re on the “must have… probably catch anything (even in the salt)…” list! Great “fly porn” 😁!
    Keep it comin’…
    Tight lines…


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