Best of North Country Spiders: Orange Partridge

What’s the difference between a Partridge and Orange and an Orange Partridge? Not much. And everything. Sure, the gold rib provides segmentation and a hint of flash. But for me, it’s the brown speckled hackle that gives the Orange Partridge an entirely different energy. They liked this pattern for olives on the streams of Yorkshire; I’m seeing caddis all the way. Tell you what: let the trout decide what it is. And hold on tight.

Orange Partridge



Hook: Dry or wet fly, 14-16
Silk: Orange
Rib: Fine gold wire
Hackle: Brown speckled feather from a partridge’s back
Tying Notes: Another straightforward tie. You can find a general North Country spider video tutorial here.

3 comments on “Best of North Country Spiders: Orange Partridge

  1. Ray Hamilton says:

    Congratulations on hitting 700. Great pattern. Just curious, how do you compare this Orange Partridge with your Ginger and Squirrel? Ray

    • Steve Culton says:

      Thanks, Ray. Do you mean in terms of fish catching? I can’t make a comparison, because I fish the S&G so much. You could always tie one of each, place them on droppers, then fish them and let the trout give you the answer.

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