Space Still Available for Legends Fly Tying Weekends

Sal at Legends on the Farmington is not only a good guy, but also a small engine whisperer. Yesterday my snow blower wouldn’t start, and I happened to be on the phone with Sal as I was driving to get a new spark plug. Sal opined that stale gas was the culprit. Bingo! Some fresh petrol in the chamber and she started right up.

Speaking of Sal, he tells me that Legends on the Farmington has a few openings left for their Fly Tying Weekends with Steve Culton (that’s me) March 22&23 (1 opening and room for a guest) and Bruce Marino February 22&23 (2 openings and room for a guest)  These are all inclusive $295.00 two night stays, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Fly Tying and how to fish the Farmington, dinner Saturday night, BYOB.  Bring a participating guest to share your room for $159.00 or a nonparticipating guest for $89. Meals included for all guests. Contact Legends directly at 203-650-8767 or email

We’ll be tying buggy soft-hackled goodness like this.



4 comments on “Space Still Available for Legends Fly Tying Weekends

  1. Sam Somera says:

    Do you plan on doing any more of these tying weekends over the Spring/Summer? Would be a perfect activity around Fathers Day!

    • Steve Culton says:

      Sam, you should talk to Sal about that. I’m just along for the ride. 🙂

      I gave this some more thought, and the downside is that no one is going to want to be inside tying and listening to a lecture when yon trout stream is beckoning on a sunny 80 degree day.

      • Sam Somera says:

        Haha good point! Also I think I saw you driving past the Farmington Lower TMA today Feb. 20. If you were on the water I hope you kept warm and brought some fish to hand!

      • Steve Culton says:

        That must have been some other handsome and talented angler. Would’ve been nice to have been out!

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