Rare find for flatwing fans: R.L.S. Extra Long Saddle Hackles available

A selection of Ken Abrames R.L.S. Extra Long Saddle Hackles was recently put up for sale online. These are the genuine item — “New Old Stock” as we’d call them in the vacuum tube world — as originally sold by the creator of the modern flatwing. The saddles are in their original packaging and are in excellent condition. Many are unused; some are missing only a few feathers, leaving you hundreds of hackles to work with.

I want to make this very clear: I am not selling these, nor do I have an interest other than helping the seller offer these to people who may be passionate about tying and fishing flatwings. 

The saddles are priced from $45-$50 depending on color, which I believe is a very fair price (shipping cost varies). Available colors include — this is current to my best knowledge but of course will change as he sells these off — Claret, Off White, Off White Variant, Natural Black, Umber Brown, Ginger Olive, Olive (seller’s comment: “The same name on pkg but looks more like Emerald Green to me.”) and Eggplant Harlequin.

If you’re interested, please email georgejjohnson@gmail.com.

This was the original lot. Many of the colors shown are gone; jump on the remaining ones while you can.



14 comments on “Rare find for flatwing fans: R.L.S. Extra Long Saddle Hackles available

  1. David Studeman says:

    Great news! Do you by any chance have the online link for George? I emailed him right away but would love to find teh site. Thx!

    • Steve Culton says:

      It’s in the Fly Fishing Buy Sell Trade section of Stripersonline.com. But you have to be a member of the site to reply and you can’t PM until you have 15 messages sent.

      • David Studeman says:

        I’m screwed. Maybe he will email me (after hundred of members!) yea right:)

      • Steve Culton says:

        Funny thing, Dave…they were listed a year ago and just sat there. I think you have good reason to be hopeful.

      • David Studeman says:

        I can hope. I may be on the “left coast” but I love Flatwings! I have tied some decent renditions of your Rock Island flatwing. Great pattern! Just tied up some Big Eeelies too and headed for Maine next week.

      • Steve Culton says:

        The Rock Island has turned into a high-confidence pattern for me whenever the bait is river herring.

  2. Jefferson Kolle says:

    Don’t tell me you’re a vacuum-tube nut, too? We share two arcane interests!

  3. George Johnson says:

    All saddles have new homes. Thank you and Good Luck to all.

  4. Dave Studeman says:

    Yes Steve, thanks for your promotion! Five of them are headed to the left coast.

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