Celebrating summer

July is a darn good month to be an angler in these parts. I just returned from a week on Block Island, and while the fishing wasn’t great (spotty action and smaller fish) I did get into bass every night. Detailed report and pics to come.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to the Farmington, in particular to swinging some wets. The spring’s cool temps and voluminous water supply should make for some terrific wet fly outings over the next several weeks. Speaking of wet flies, there’s one more opening in Sunday’s UpCountry Wet Flies 101 class. Jump on it and become the envy of all your trout angling friends. You can’t sign up with me; you have to do it through the store here.

Speaking of jumping on things, if you’re planning on booking a lesson/outing/trip with me, best to inquire now. My days are filling up (two gigs next week) and I am going to jealously guard my personal fishing time. You know where to find me.

Client John with a fine example of what is possible on the Farmington River at noon on a sunny day in July.


2 comments on “Celebrating summer

  1. H Man says:

    Hi Steve,
    Speaking of July on the Farmington River, what are your thoughts and onbservations so far on water conditions/levels vs. last year’s meaningful “drought”. Like it never happened or does mother nature have a hangover?


    • Steve Culton says:

      Within the permanent TMA, like it never happened. On the lower river, the hatches have been strong (particularly the Hendricksons and Sulphurs) but there have not been the numbers of trout on the flies that I would like to see. Hopefully by next year that section will be completely recovered.

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