10 comments on “Fly tying video: Steve Culton’s Drowned Ant Soft Hackle

  1. William Kirousis says:

    Nice! Thanks for the vid Steve. I need to fish this fly this year :)!

  2. I love this! I’m going to tie some up soon, soft hackles have always been a great fish producer for me. I fish the starling in herl in small sizes and for the most part the materials on this fly are similar, but I think the way that you do this with the body separated in the middle would make a big difference in mimicking a drowned ant specifically. I’d like to tie one and put it on my site with credit to your pattern, but would it be OK for me to post the link to your video on the post for the fly? Thanks! -Nicole

  3. wildbill99 says:

    Lovely fly, I’ll be tying some of these up, Thanks!

    Hey, how about some red floss between the peacock sections, that would dress it up nicely.

  4. […] of herl spun on a length of thread or silk; you can see the technique in my Drowned Ant video here. I used hen hackle for this tie. The head is three wraps of a single strand of herl. You can find a […]

  5. […] two strands of herl spun on thread for this fly; you can see the technique in my Drowned Ant video here. Next, attach and wind the hackle rearward. (It take s little practice.) Wind the silk body and […]

  6. […] wild stunners, one on each of the flies, a size 12 Squirrel and Ginger top dropper, a size 14 Drowned Ant, and a size 12 Gray Hackle. So maybe that kind of water and method was the key to yesterday, […]

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