“Block Island Stripers from the Shore” in the Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 issue of Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide

It’s the Destination Issue of MAFFG, and we’re all heading to Block Island! A nifty little primer on the island, its structure, flies, gear, and more. While this past year was (ahem) a bit of an off-year for stripers on the fly from the shore, the Block remains one of my favorite places to fish — and write about.

While I truly love answering your questions, let me head you off at the pass: no, I don’t know where you can find a copy of MAFFG. You can try contacting them through their Facebook page. And of course, let them know you enjoy my writing.

Hot off the presses.



3 comments on ““Block Island Stripers from the Shore” in the Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 issue of Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide

  1. Doug DeFanti says:

    Hi Steve, My family are taking a fall trip to Block Island Oct 15-22. I never been there So I hope to read your article before then. In the meantime, can you point out one or two spots for daytime surf fishing. Although I’m 100% flyfisherman in pfreswater I’m primarily a light tackle plug and spoon guy in the surf and bay. Any hints or suggestions will be appreciated.



    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Doug,

      The article will point you toward very general locations. But, I’ve only fished Block Island in the fall one day in the last 10 years, so I’m not exactly in touch with what’s happening out there now (or four weeks from now). Your best bet for getting useful information will be to visit one of the two fishing shops out there, Twin Maples and Block Island Fishworks. The information they’ll give you will be far more useful than any speculation on my part. Hope that helps, and have fun!

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