Two pieces in the July/August 2016 American Angler

Submitted for your reading pleasure: “The Little Things V2.0” and “I’m Not Dead Yet — The last hurrah for wild Connecticut River strain Atlantic Salmon” in the current issue of American Angler.

“The Little things V2.0” serves as a springboard for a new presentation coming this fall (I will kick it off in Coventry, RI at the TU225 meeting in late September.

Many thanks to the Connecticut DEEP for sharing their time and knowledge for the salmon article, and a shout out to follower RM Lytle for the same (and a very spiffy photo of his prized catch).

The little things is like compounding interest. It all adds up. Then one day you’re rich.



Look for it at your favorite fly shop or newsstand.


One comment on “Two pieces in the July/August 2016 American Angler

  1. Guy Tabar says:

    Hi Steve, Looking forward to “The Little Things, V2.0.”

    Fished the Salmon River, Colchester, CT yesterday. I was nymphing with team of two when I hung up. Turns out I snagged on a rats nest of lures and mono left by gear fishermen. My buddy and I waded in and removed the tangle before it claimed a fish or another angler’s nymph. Good deed created good karma. Landed one brown and four rainbows later on. Missed several strikes. Gotta get better on my hook set. Also need to learn your team of three one of these days. Was a beautiful day on the river. Scott

    One of four rainbows. The brown ate the hare’s ear and the rainbows all went for the bottom fly, a pheasant tail.

    This is the mess that claimed my nymph that we fished out of the river. Sent from my iPad

    Sent from my iPad >

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