Currentseams Four Hundred Followers Winners

First Winner: Bill Donnelly


Second Winner: Amyandkris


Third Winner: Gary Bogli


Congratulations! One of the possible prizes is an already tied batch of striper flies that includes bucktails, soft-hackles, and flatwings.  Bill gets first dibs on them. If he doesn’t want them, Amyandkris gets next dibs, etc. If no one wants them, I will fish them myself. So there. Winners, please email me (swculton at yahoo) and let me know what you’d like. Your other options are a selection of trout streamers, trout wets, or steelhead flies. I also need your mailing addresses. Please don’t post those here.

I would like to thank everyone who entered. Your readership and support is truly appreciated. Now, on to 500.

A toast to everyone. Beer for breakfast isn’t exactly championship fare, but it sure does taste good after a top ten night of striper fishing.

Block Island All-Nighter Beer





One comment on “Currentseams Four Hundred Followers Winners

  1. A cold Negra Modelo is a fine choice.

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