Cape Cod striper mini-report (and a good lesson learned)

Up at the Cape this weekend for a soccer tournament, and after family duties were fulfilled I got the chance to wander out. Saturday night at my secret spot was a bust. The good news was twofold: I now have some intel on how the channel has shifted, and I did not sit on that big driftwood log that turned out to be a seal carcass (always confirm your landing zone before you park your butt).

Last night I met up with some people I know from We fished a spot that was new for me, and I liked it for its moving tide and structure. The action wasn’t anything to get excited about, but most of the group managed to touch a fish. I’m quite sure my second striper will be the smallest one I will catch this year. How he managed to eat a 3/0 hook is a question for marine biologists to ponder.

I hope you had a good holiday weekend, and please be sure to pause a moment and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our great nation.

4 comments on “Cape Cod striper mini-report (and a good lesson learned)

  1. RM Lytle says:

    My first striper was 6 inches long. It took a spook of the same length.

  2. ted rzepski says:

    Fished mid Cape last week for 3 days. Caught enough fish. Bumped into a friend who was catching an amazing amount of fish. I suspected he had super powers. He knew the area and where the fish were at various tide stages. Later that night he insisted I take the secret spot at a different location and I did well. He did not catch as many. Location, location!

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