Steve Culton featured speaker at Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg 69th Annual Dinner

Indeed I was this past Friday night. (You must forgive me, dear reader, for the unabashed title. I’m just engaging in a little SEO gamesmanship.)

The Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg is unlike any other organization I’ve presented to. They don’t have any dues. There is no formal membership. They meet only once a year at their banquet. The Club is regarded as the second oldest fly fishing club in the US, and was founded by people with names like Charlie Fox and Vince Marinaro.  The nearly 200 attendees — the largest group I’ve ever presented to — ranged in age from 11 to what I’m guessing were octogenarians. So I was quite honored that they deemed me worthy of being their featured speaker.

I got to sit at the cool table. Red dot means beef is what’s for dinner.



No black tie this year, but as you can see the banquet has always been a rather civilized affair.  Seems I’ve heard of that guest speaker somewhere…



The Club has some cool traditions, such as the Traveling Rod. Every year a name is drawn, and the winner gets to take the rod wherever and report back on its adventures. Part of the deal is a fishing log book; the winner writes a one-page year-in-review. Recognize that first recipient?



What would a fly fishing club meeting be without a raffle? This young man was the winner of the dozen wet flies I tied, James Leisenring’s “favorite twelve.” It’s a decent enough mounting job, but I hope these soft hackles spend some time in the water — and tucked into the corner of a trout’s mouth.



How fitting that they put a winged wet on my name badge. In the interest of full disclosure, I failed to return the plastic holder as instructed. My bad. If they want it back, I guess they’ll just have to invite me to speak again.



My presentation was “The Little Things.”  It’s a thought-proving 45 minutes that usually generates plenty of good questions. The audience did not let me down.



Last but not least, I’d like to offer up two of the most important words in our language: thank you. Thank you Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg. For being so kind and welcoming. For the delicious dinner and libations (a fed presenter is a happy presenter). And for giving me the opportunity to present to you.

Let’s do this again, shall we?



One comment on “Steve Culton featured speaker at Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg 69th Annual Dinner

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Good for you, Steve. I’m glad for you. I know some of the folks down there and believe me they are the real deal. I’d move down there in a heartbeat if I could.

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