Farmington River Report: A Steelhead Warm-Up

A quick session to tune up the old indicator nymphing skills. Water was 255cfs, low for this time of year, and leaves (mostly oak) were a factor. Only fished for 90 minutes, and managed a big, fat rainbow with a wide pink band that, in true steelhead fashion, refused to come quietly to net. Taken on a Hare’s Ear and SLF bead head fuzzy nymph, size 12.

Baron von Chunkenstein. The indicator goes down, the rod tip goes up, and madness ensues.

November Farmy Rainbow

5 comments on “Farmington River Report: A Steelhead Warm-Up

  1. Alton Blodgett says:

    I searched all over your wet flies webpages. What is the SLF bead head fuzzy nymph?

  2. Al Wilson says:

    Sweet looking rainbow. When I do finally retire, I can get up with you. Love the blog and articles.

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