Of Jalapeño Cheeseburgers, IPAs, and Wet Flies, or: Thank You, HFFA

Many thanks to the HFFA for hosting me last night. The pre-game meal was both delicious and appreciated (see Culton’s Rule of Presentation, AKA “A fed presenter is a happy presenter.”) I hadn’t given the “Wet Flies 101” program in some time, so it was nice to return to an old friend. Speaking of old friends, there were many familiar faces in the audience, which is always gratifying. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come out, share their experiences, and ask so many good questions.

Winged wets like these have been fooling trout for hundreds of years, and the fish aren’t getting any smarter.


I have two more appearances in December — more on those soon.

5 comments on “Of Jalapeño Cheeseburgers, IPAs, and Wet Flies, or: Thank You, HFFA

  1. Philip Maxwell says:

    Steve, thanks so much for your wonderful presentation “Wet Flies 101”, all of us at the Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Assoc. took away some fresh ideas. You kept us all interested in the material you covered and truly enjoyed your enthusiastic presentation. We will be looking forward to a seeing some of your other programs.Thanks again Phil

  2. Mark Alpert says:

    I ran into your interview with Ken Abrames a while back and really learned a lot. I’ve been sharpening my hooks (even on the water in the middle of the night) and setting the hook hard multiple times and have been landing a lot more fish. So, thank you! I have not been able to get the striper moon forum recently though. Is it off line or am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve tried stripermoon.com but can not get it. Thanks,


  3. Mina says:

    Hi Steve,
    Can you share an October caddis soft hackle pattern with us?

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