Fly tying video: the Copperhead Stone steelhead nymph

I have an emotional connection to this pattern — it’s the fly I used to land my first steelhead. It was given to me on the river with the guarantee that I would hook a steelhead. And so it came to pass. 

My First Steelhead

I kept that fly so I could duplicate it at home. The original had a black wool tag that extended a few turns below the tail; I have eliminated it, apparently with no ill effects.

6 comments on “Fly tying video: the Copperhead Stone steelhead nymph

  1. John Fomenko says:

    Beautiful and simplistic. Please do more as time allows.

  2. Joe Drosdak says:

    Where can I get the copper krystal tinsel chenille in a small or medium size?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Joe,

      If you can’t find it at your local shop (I know All Seasons Sports in Pulaski has it) an internet search will reveal a bunch of online purchase options. The stuff I get comes in only one size.

  3. […] What a shock! We started the trip as a high pressure cold front settled in. Ice in the guides until 1pm. We floated from Altmar to Pineville and saw five fish landed all day. (We had three of them.) I suppose that’s reason to smile. My steelhead came on an old Salmon River favorite, the Copperhead Stone. […]

  4. […] Copperhead Stone. I landed my first steelhead on this fly, and years later, it still works. I remember one morning in the Lower Fly Zone when I was handing them out to everyone who wanted to know, “What fly are you using?” […]

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