This Week: Presentations, Words, and Tying Videos

A busy week at currentseams. Let’s start with the presentations.

“The Little Things” Presentation to TU Mianus, Tuesday, October 13, Waveny Mansion, New Canaan, CT. For directions and times, visit

“The Little Things” Presentation to TU Farmington Valley, Thursday, October 15, (I believe it’s at the Whinstone Tavern at Stanley Golf Course, New Britain, CT). For directions and times, visit

Hope to see you, and as always, be sure to say hello.


I have a humorous piece on steelheading in the Fall 2015 issue of The Drake. I haven’t seen it yet. More details when I get my hot little hands on a copy.


Just finished a new tying video on the Copperhead Stone, one of my favorite steelhead nymphs. It’ll be up soon. It’s fair to say that lately I have been steelhead dreaming rather deeply…and sweetly.

I remember you. Morning. Cold. Wonderful.

Steel&Stone 11-13

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