Soft-Hackles and Fuzzy Nymphs for Steelhead tying demo at the Compleat Angler February 28

Hope to see you at the Compleat Angler, 541 Post Road in Darien, Saturday, February 28 from 10am-2pm. Like the title says, steelhead soft-hackles and fuzzy nymphs will be the bill of fare. Many of these patterns cross over neatly into trout fishing, so don’t let the steelhead designation scare you off. This is a tying demo, not a class, so all you need to bring is yourself and some questions if you are so inclined to ask. I will certainly be tying some of the flies that were featured in my “Soft-Hackles for Winter Steelhead” piece in the last issue of American Angler. Till then, stay warm!

The Ginger Spider. Yup. It would be safe to say that I have a thing for the magical material humbly known as ginger Angora goat. Teal flank, too.

Ginger Spider

5 comments on “Soft-Hackles and Fuzzy Nymphs for Steelhead tying demo at the Compleat Angler February 28

  1. Henry Hollis says:

    Looks Great !!!
    Tell me what the materials are in the fly.

  2. Steve Culton says:

    Hank, thanks so much. For a materials list, all you have to do is use the search function on this site (type in Ginger Spider) That is true for almost every fly I post a picture of. Happy tying.


  3. David Machowski says:

    great looking flies, I’m a big spider guy. Got a question you’ve probably been asked a lot. In your opinion whats a great wet fly rod for the housy and farmington. I’m throwin a 10 ft 5 w. tfo jim teeney . a little heavy. Thanks for your help.

    • Steve Culton says:

      David, it depends on how you’re defining “heavy.” Are you looking for a slower action rod, or a rod that’s a lower weight (like a four-weight), or does the rod feel heavy in your hands?

      I am currently using a Hardy (Streamflex, I think) 10′ five weight for wet fly. I wish it had a little slower action, but I can bomb out long casts into the wind with three flies when needed, and it handles larger trout in fast current quite well. I also use it for nymphing.

      Fly rod is a very personal choice. My best suggestion is that you go to a good shop like UpCountry, tell them what you don’t like about your current rod, and test cast some new options. Good luck, and let me know how you do.

      • David Machowski says:

        Thanks Steve, I ment heavy as in weight,wrist gets a little tired. I’ll also throw nymphs with it. I have several Grey rods and love them. The Swede has a Hardy drifter which he recomended . . I guess Grady will get more of my money.

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