Positive waves amidst a seemingly endless winter

Snow. Cold. More snow. More cold. Ditto, ditto, et cetera, et cetera. Stand sure, folks. Spring’s coming. You can see it on the trees — just look at all those buds. If you have forsythia, the stalks are green and the buds are very well-formed, even in this ponderous sub-Arctic snow-making nonsense.

By the numbers, we are just over one week away from March. Eight weeks away from Opening Day (in case you still use that as a marker). Hendricksons will be hot on its heels. And stripers will be on the move well before that.

Hopefully you’re keeping busy doing some reading or tying flies. I’ve just been busy. But I am working on some new material for the site that I hope to have out soon. As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for following currentseams.

Wearin’ of the green. From May last year. IMG_1342

6 comments on “Positive waves amidst a seemingly endless winter

  1. larry marino says:

    Steve. I agree but it’s still a ways off. At least the FRAA dinner is a sure sign of spring

  2. Steve Rudolf says:

    Steve – this is always a tough time of year as the anticipation grows. My fly boxes will be the filled for the first and last time in 2015.

  3. Steve Culton says:

    I’ve been screwing around with a Hendrickson wet/emerger in my head for a couple years now. Probably time to tie and fish it.

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