9 comments on “Tying the 60 Second Redhead

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Steve, Even I can tie that… LOL.
    Do you fish it dead drift by it self or in tandem with an egg or something else?

    • Steve Culton says:

      New York (where I’m steelheading) is a one-fly-only state. By all means, try it with something else and let us know how you do.

      Presentation is primarily dead drift along the bottom, but I will let the rig swing up on occasion, and I have had steelhead chase on this upward movement.

  2. fishingwhiz says:

    What is that you rubbed on the string

  3. […] In case you missed it, the link to the article is up top. And here’s a bonus link to the 60-Second Redhead, one of my favorite steelhead […]

  4. […] 60-Second Redhead. The beauty of this fly isn’t that if you lose one to the bottom gods, you’re not depressed because they’re so fast and easy to tie. It’s that this fly, which would never catch your eye in a retail bin, is like candy to steelhead when they’re eating bugs. […]

  5. […] churning run. After a morning egg bite, the steelhead got into my collection of small stoneflies: 60 Second Redheads, 60 Second Copperheads, and Copperhead Stones. I hooked 4 fish from late morning to early […]

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