Tying the 60 Second Redhead

I’m not sure this really needs a how-to video, but the 60 Second Redhead is such an amazingly productive steelhead fly that I had to share it.

7 comments on “Tying the 60 Second Redhead

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Steve, Even I can tie that… LOL.
    Do you fish it dead drift by it self or in tandem with an egg or something else?

    • Steve Culton says:

      New York (where I’m steelheading) is a one-fly-only state. By all means, try it with something else and let us know how you do.

      Presentation is primarily dead drift along the bottom, but I will let the rig swing up on occasion, and I have had steelhead chase on this upward movement.

  2. fishingwhiz says:

    What is that you rubbed on the string

  3. […] In case you missed it, the link to the article is up top. And here’s a bonus link to the 60-Second Redhead, one of my favorite steelhead […]

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