Simplifying the currentseams name

To all who follow Currentseams:

Easier is better. Simpler is better. So, going forward, the url for this site will be New name. But same content, same personnel.

It may take a few hours for the change to manifest. I’m assuming that if you signed up for email alerts, you’ll continue to get them. If not, you’ll know where to find me.

As always, thank you for following currentseams, thanks for reading, and thanks for participating in this wonderful sport.

Steve Culton

5 comments on “Simplifying the currentseams name

  1. Ernie Ludwig VP Naugatuck/Pomperaug TU Chapter says:

    Hi Steve, Got your information on the change and will forwarded it to everyone in the chapter this month.
    Thanks, Ernie

  2. fmvan says:

    Looks like you have your own domain name. My only advice is to keep up with the updates to Wordprress. If you get way behind, it is a nightmare.

    Really liked the article in American Angler.

    Schooner Fred

  3. fmvan says:

    Since you have your own domain name, I don;t think they update wordpress for you automatically.,, If you get a note on your dash board to update it, click on the note and it will update.

    If there is no note, don’t think about it.


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