Safe at home

The more I have become a Farmington River whore, the more I have shamefully neglected my natal trout waters, the Salmon River. I went back today to get reacquainted, swing some wets and enjoy the sunshine.

When you work for yourself and are able set your own hours, it’s easy to forget there are probably many others like you. How else to explain the mob of anglers that blanketed the river? By sidestepping around those married to a position, I was still able to wade and fish most of a 500-yard stretch. Significant bug activity, although it was all airborne by the time I arrived at 1pm. Saw only one rise, and he unequivocally rejected my offerings. There were midges (seems there are always midges at the Salmon) and actively humping caddis, a few stray Hendricksons, and a smaller un-IDed mayfly I like to call Quill Somethings.

Everyone I spoke to reported slow going. It started off that way for me, but in the two hours I fished I managed to find plenty of trout willing to jump on the wet fly. Standard-issue stocker browns, a couple in the low teens. I fished a team of a Squirrel and Ginger on top, a soft-hackle BHPT in the middle, and a BH Hendrickson on point. Today’s vote was decidedly in favor of the PT. Water was a perfect 290 cfs, about 52 degrees,and  staggeringly clear.

Two hours and one El Titan de Bronze panatela later, I had to say goodbye. Thanks to those who shared pools, conversation, and positive energy. See you soon, old friend.

Forgot the good camera today. Not bad, though, for an old iPhone. The Salmon has settled nicely after last week’s rain, but there is still a generous amount of groundwater flowing into her. The plants are certainly happy.


2 comments on “Safe at home

  1. aidan says:

    steve, i absolutely love the salmon river. if you go up into the forest you get the sense you could be anywhere in the world. it seems so remote.
    and just downstream from dickerson’s is lovely water


  2. James Smith says:

    Steve, after my experience on the Salmon on Good Friday and after a “disgusting” exchange with the dispatcher at the DEEP TIP Line on the same day I wouldn’t fish the Salmon River on a bet!

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