Best of North Country Spiders: Poult Bloa

Pale Wateries, indeed. The Poult Bloa has Light Cahills and Sulphurs written all over it. When it comes to matching those hatches with North Country style spiders, I have been using my home-brew Partridge and Light Cahill and one of Leisenring’s favorites, the Light Snipe and Yellow. Clearly, the Poult Bloa needs to move into the rotation. This fly would work both as part of a swung team, or as a dropper off a dry.

Poult Bloa North Country Spider



Hook: Dry or wet fly, 14-18
Body: Straw silk
Hackle: Feather from the inside of a grouse wing
Tying Notes: No straw-colored silk? Not to worry. UNI makes a very nice Light Cahill thread. Absent an English grouse wing, you could use any number of lighter colored hen hackles. You can find a general North Country spider video tutorial here.



Second “Wet Flies and Fuzzy Nymphs for the Farmington” class added

Wow. My 2/8/15 class filled up in two days. So we found time for a second, at UpCountry Sportfishing in New Hartford, CT, Saturday, January 24. Same blurb as the other class:

“Join outdoor writer and Farmington River guide Steve Culton as we explore tying buggy, impressionistic wets and nymphs geared toward fishing the Farmington. The class will place an emphasis on using natural materials to create flies for specific hatches, as well as attractor patterns. From classic North-Country spiders to some of Steve’s own creations, you’ll learn to tie high-confidence patterns that have been battle-tested and proven on the Farmington. Steve will also discuss wet fly methods for each pattern. Participants will need a vise, thread and tools. All other materials will be provided, including a pattern recipe sheet. The class starts at 9am and will run between four and five hours. Space is limited to six people. Tuition is $75.”

Please do not contact me to register for this class. You must enroll by calling UpCountry at 860-379-1952. Hope to see some of you there.

I think we should tie up some Dark Hendricksons. This is a classic American winged wet pattern, and one that I’ve done exceptionally well with during an emergence.


Tying at NE Spey Clave III, Saturday May 17

I will be doing a tying demo, Wet Flies for the Farmington, at this year’s NE Spey Clave III. If you plan on going, swing by my little picnic table and say hello. By popular demand, I will have a small selection of wets for sale. If you’ve never been, here are some details from Spey Casting NE:

New England Spey Clave III – May 17, 2014

Mathies Grove on the Farmington River

Sponsored by FRAA

Many manuf. Reps will have rods and lines to test cast

Demonstrations on the Farmington River

Andrew Moy – Topher Brown – Rich Murphy – Mark Sedotti – Fred Wilson

Free lunch by: The Complete Angler, Darien, CT

Raffle for Spey Rods and Lines – Proceeds for FRAA