NYCTU awarded the Order of the Black Shack Burger with IPA Clusters

Yesterday evening found me in the Big Apple presenting Wet Flies 101 to the NYCTU Chapter. Many thanks to the group for having me, and for recognizing that a fed presenter is a happy presenter. The Black Shack Holy Mole burger was delicious, as was the Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA. Thanks also to the midtown Orvis store for providing the venue. A great group and an outstanding post-presentation Q&A session.

That closes out the 2015-16 appearance schedule. We’ll kick off 2016-17 in September at TU225 in Rhode Island. Details later this summer.

Apparently, there’s a shortage of Guinness.

Beer Sign

April Events Calendar: Farmington River NYC TU and CFFA Tyers’ Roundtable

It’s the time of year when the show and speaking circuit winds down and the fishing starts to ramp up. Which is as it should be. After all, who wants to listen to some jamoke yak about fishing when you could be outside doing it? Nonetheless, I shall be presenting and tying for your pleasure on two nights the first full week of April. Monday, April 6: “The West Branch: Southern New England’s Blue Ribbon Trout Stream” at NYC TU. We are 99% certain that the Farmington River will be the subject. If time permits, I will be tying before the meeting. NYC TU meets at Orvis, 489 Fifth Ave, just south of 42nd across from the Library. For more information, please contact or visit their Facebook page. Wednesday, April 8: CFFA Tyers’ Roundtable in East Hartford, CT. This is a cool event where local fly tyers gather to share patterns, information, and camaraderie with everyone in attendance. As I recall, I think I tied two or three flies last year and talked the rest of the time. I’m not sure what I’ll be tying — maybe some streamers this year — but if you go, please stop by and say hi. The event starts at 7pm at Veterans Memorial Clubhouse, 100 Sunset Ridge Drive, East Hartford, CT. For more information visit Tight lines on a rainy early winter afternoon on my favorite river. Bent Rod Other stuff worthy of mention: the word machine has been cranking. Look for more from me this year in American Angler, The Drake, Fly Fish Journal, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, and of course, currentseams. More videos are in the pipeline (at least the theoretical one) from tying to Q&A. And now that the weather has broken, I’m going to go fishing. You should, too. As always, I thank you for your readership and your support.

The Streak in Volume 6 issue 3 of FlyFish Journal