The Master Splinter mouse fly on the J.Stockard Fly Fishing Blog

The Master Splinter is an impressionistic mouse pattern I put into heavy rotation this summer. You can read all about it on the J.Stockard blog by clicking here.

Mouse flies like the Master Splinter bring out the worst in big Farmington River browns.

Big wild brown hen 8-2015

Guest blogging on J.Stockard: Three Great Wet Flies for Summer

Yours truly makes another appearance on the J. Stockard Fly Fishing site blog, Thoughts On The Fly. This month’s topic will be nothing new to my regular readers, but it is a worthy subject nonetheless: “Three Great Wet Flies For Summer.” You’ll pardon the highly unimaginative title.

Here’s the link to “Three Great Wet Flies For Summer”

This amazingly marked wild Farmington brookie took a late summer wet fly.

Farmington Wild Brookie

Speaking of wet flies and summer, my Saturday “Wet Flies 101” class at UpCountry Sportfishing is sold out. Maybe I’ll see some of you there.

And we are getting tantalizingly close to 300 followers…and a fly giveaway.