Salmon River (CT) Report 4/7/23: All in Good Friday Fun

As tradition dictates, I went fishing on Good Friday in honor of Simon Peter, the greatest fisherman of all time. However, I mixed it up a bit. I couldn’t see driving down to the mouth of the Hous, my usual haunt, for what would very likely be casting practice (although we all could use it, right?) Even though I was tantalized by the sound of the surf and the smell of sea salt. So the decision was made: Salmon River, CT. It was an easy call when I considered that it was the day before opening day. That’s the Friday I fished with my dad and sons on that river for so many years.

I was joined by surfcaster extraordinaire Toby Lapinski. The water was on the low side of medium, 180cfs. With the warmer weather and Good Friday, the crowds were out. The FFO section was infested with anglers; the TMA section above, not as much. We fished four marks from 11:30am-2:30pm and found willing fresh stockees in all of them. Toby fished a streamer and I went with a small jig streamer on a long leader. I dead drifted, swung, stripped and jigged and caught fish all four ways. We saw caddis and midges and olives, and even a few risers. What a fantastic day!

I hooked my first trout with my streamer dangling in the current while I stripped line off the reel. Once Toby got in, it was only a matter of moments before he hooked up. How sweet to become an instant expert, if only for a few brief, shining hours. I must admit I do enjoy it in small doses.
Tight lines and bent rods was the theme of the day. It was mostly rainbows, but we did encounter a couple stray browns. I was surprised by the power of some of the fish. Maybe it was the water temperature, an ideal 54 degrees. (Photo by Toby Lapinski)

6 comments on “Salmon River (CT) Report 4/7/23: All in Good Friday Fun

  1. William Giokas says:

    You want a real challenge try fishing a pond even for stocked fish. In a pond the fish
    can be anywhere unlike a stream which has defined lies.

  2. Arthur Rosenstock says:

    Nice. Never fished it. If going where is the best access for a first timer to the river?
    Thx, Arthur

    • Steve Culton says:

      Yes. That is, the device has yet to be invented that can measure the amount of access. It’s everywhere, in some cases you park a few rod lengths from the river. A good dirt road runs the length of the state forest.

  3. Dauid Bennett says:

    If a picture is worth 1000 words…well done. Time to explore.

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