The best egg pattern for steelhead might be Jeff Blood’s Blood Dot

I first heard about Jeff Blood’s Blood Dot egg pattern years ago, but I’d never tied nor fished it until recently. Steelhead Alley guide extraordinaire Bob Packey of Solitude Steelhead Guide Service turned me on to it during last December’s smackdown on the OH and PA Erie tribs. I figure I caught about 90% of my fish on the pattern. Now, to be fair, it was also point fly on my leader the vast majority of time. But in some painfully low, clear flows, the Blood Dot proved itself over and over.

Then I took the Blood Dot to the Salmon River last month and again, it produced bites. When properly tied — and dunked in water — the fly does a wonderful job of transforming into a translucent, eggy mass with a suggestion of a yolk sac. It all stems from a very sparse tie using Egg colored GloBug Yarn with a contrast color dot. Here’s a tying video from the pattern’s creator, Jeff Blood.

Two dozen eggs, Blood Dot style. These all have a base color of Egg, with contrasting dots of Apricot Supreme (Bob Packey’s personal favorite), chartreuse, or blue. You can and should experiment with other color combinations. A classic steelhead guide fly. These are size 12.

5 comments on “The best egg pattern for steelhead might be Jeff Blood’s Blood Dot

  1. William Giokas says:

    I caught a 32″ Leopard trout in Alaska on a egg pattern. They work!

  2. Tom says:

    This egg pattern and the estaz egg pattern are the only patterns of eggs I use on the Salmon River and have always been successful.

  3. […] Lady of Blessed Blood Dot did not fail me. I set the hook so hard on this buck that I almost fell over. Being able to fish […]

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