Striper Report 3/26/23: And the hits just (don’t) keep on coming

I don’t have much to report about last night’s outing, other than I fished hard, and well, and intensely, and for those efforts I was rewarded with not…a…touch. Ye Olde Striper Spot is once again revealing its pattern. Either: there are no fish there yet. They never set up for the winter (this was my third blank in three trips since January), the herring aren’t yet in, so I’d be foolish to go back tonight. Or: fish congregate in this spot during the winter because it’s a good ambush point, there’s some bait, current, and deep water nearby. Sadly, it’s been all Option A. So, we’ll stay home tonight and hope for the best during the next tide cycle as I really don’t need to be climbing into bed at 3am for casting and mending practice.

I haven’t had an Arturo Fuente Canones in years, so I jumped on this one when I saw it. It was the highlight of the evening. A very pleasing, long-lasting double corona. (That’s a Rock Island flatwing for those who are interested.) Now, where dem strip-ed bass at?

2 comments on “Striper Report 3/26/23: And the hits just (don’t) keep on coming

  1. Nicole says:


    Which knot are you using on that striper fly? Thanks!

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Nicole,

      That’s a simple clinch knot. However, I use at least seven turns, and then, after moistening the material, I grip the hook with pliers to make sure the knot is seated properly and tightened down good. The leader material is 30# nylon.

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